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The project FP7-SPACE-2007-1: “My Ocean-WP10-BS”

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Contact person: Yuri B. Ratner ,





PRODUCT TYPE     Ocean forecast and analysis

OUTPUT TYPE     level 4 product (gridded)

Short product description (4 lines maximum)
Basin-scale analysis and forecast of the Black Sea circulation and stratification

Long product description (OVERVIEW)
General information: The basin-scale model is used for continuous analysis and forecast of the Black Sea circulation and stratification. The model output includes dynamical sea level, three-dimensional fields of current velocity, temperature, and salinity. The fields are provided on 35 levels for every 24 hours, starting from yesterday midnight and during the next three days. The basin-scale model represents the MHI primitive equation circulation model with about 5 km of horizontal resolution and 238 x 132 grid points. The predicted region is bounded by 27.4221 E and 41.8955 E, 40.8633 N and 46.6855 N. For the model equations wind, heat fluxes, precipitations and evaporation are made on the sea surface. Linear kinematic condition is use for vertical velocity. On the bottom no slip condition for the velocity and no fluxes for temperature and salinity are used. On the solid boundaries we made slip condition for velocity and no fluxes for temperature and salinity and Dirlichlet condition is used on open boundaries (rivers and straits). Processing information: The basin-scale model carries out forecasts by means of consecutive cycles shifted forward in time by 1 day. Every cycle is divided into two intervals. During the first interval corresponding to 24 hours of the yesterday the adjustment (spin up) takes place and assimilation is carried out. The NOAA SST and altimetry data are assimilated by the basin-scale model during the adjustment-assimilation interval. The second interval includes the period from 0 hour of UTC of the present day till 24 hours of UTC of the third day (the forecasting cycle). Model functioning in the prognostic mode during this period of time. Description of observation methods/instruments: The basin-scale model assimilates satellite altimetry data provided by AVISO Center, France, and sea surface temperature obtained through processing of AVHRR data received directly in MHI. The data of atmosphere forcing come from ALADIN regional forecasting National Meteorological Administration, Romania. Accuracy / Calibration information: Quality and accuracy was estimated during the off-line 2003-2007 drifters experiments and ECOOP validation experiment in 2008. The accuracy level of the predicted fields is consistent with the state of the art of the modeling of the World ocean circulation. Further improvement of the model assumes accurate tuning of parameterization of the mixing process in the upper layer of the sea. 1) Suitability: for ship routing; fisheries; climate prediction; pollution management; specification of the boundary conditions for the nested high-resolution model along the open boundaries of the sub-regions. 2) Expected type of users/uses: Hydrometeorological Services, Search and Rescue Services, Fishery companies, Ship Navigation, Oil/Gas Extracting companies.

1. G.Korotaev, A.Kubryakov, E.Cordoneanu, V.Dorofeev, V.Fomin, A.Grigoriev, A.Kordzadze, T.Oguz, Yu.Ratner, D.Trukhchev, H.Slabakov Near-operational Black Sea nowcasting/forecasting system. / European Operational Oceanography: Present and Future. 2006, European Communities, 269-275
2. Demyshev S.G., Korotaev G.K. Numerical modeling of synoptic variability of the Black Sea with consideration for seasonal boundary conditions (translation). Izvestiya, Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics, vol.32, No1,1996.C. 108 - 116

PARAMETERS (usual parameter name, CF parameter, unit, convention)

  1. temperature (sea_water_temperature,C,CF)
  2. sea water velocity (eastward_sea_water_velocity, ms-1,CF, northward_sea_water_velocity,ms-1,CF)


GEOGRAPHICAL COVERAGE BS (latmin 40.863 latmax 46.685 lonmin 27.422 lonmax 41.895)

SPATIAL RESOLUTION: 11/180 deg lon x 8/180 deg lat
GRID TYPE or GEOGRAPHICAL PROJECTION: regular latitude longitude grid

VERTICAL COVERAGE: 35 levels from 0 to 2100 meters.
2.5/5/10/15/20/25/30/40/50/62.5/75/87.5/100/112.5/125/150/175/200/250/300/ 400/500/600/700/800/900/1000/1100/1200/1500/1700/1800/1900/2000/2100/


It is a time series of 3 year length
TEMPORAL RESOLUTION daily fields on 00 UTC
Temporal window of each update - 5 days
Forecast length - 3 days
Analysis length - 2 days
Update frequency - daily
Time series Length of forecast - 3 days
Time series Length of best estimate analysis - 1 year
Operational or historical time series? Operational

BY (supply center)

name : MHI Remote Sensing Departament
web site :

FILES FORMAT : netcdf convention CF/COARDS 1.4.

UPDATE FREQUENCY of the delivery mechanism : Every day, 17h of local time

FREE access : YES

Project | Overview | Manual

Contact person: Yuri B. Ratner ,
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