Federal State Budget Scientific Institution
Federal Research Center "Marine Hydrophysical Institute of RAS"

Remote Sensing Department


Scientific Staff

Ph.D. Sergey V. Stanichny Head of Department,
Senior Scientist
Dr. Alexander S. Zapevalov Chief Scientist
Ph.D. Evgeny A. Morozov Senior Scientist      
Ph.D. Alexey N. Morozov Senior Scientist
Ph.D. Sergey V. Fedorov Senior Scientist
Ph.D. Anna Yu. Kucheyko Scientist      
  Dmitry M. Soloviev Scientist
Ph.D. Tatyana F. Kuzmicheva Junior Scientist        
  Vyacheslav M. Burdyugov Junior Scientist    
  Elena P. Davydova Junior Scientist  
  Evgeny I. Kalinin Junior Scientist
  Larisa A. Petrenko Junior Scientist
  Evgeny V. Plotnikov Junior Scientist  
  Anna A. Chepyzhenko Junior Scientist  

Engineering Staff

Ph.D. Vladimir M. Savoskin Principal Engineer-Researcher    
  Andrey I. Androsovich Principal Engineer-Researcher        
  Sergey V. Borodin Principal Electronics Engineer      
  Nadezhda V. Vasilenko Senior Engineer-Researcher        
  Margarita P. Averyanova Senior Engineer        
  Tamara V. Mikhaylichenko Senior Engineer        
  Yana I. Bakueva Engineer-Researcher        
  Vladislav R. Zhuk Engineer-Researcher        
  Tamara B. Gur'eva Engineer        
  Galina G. Panteleeva Engineer        
  Lyubov V. Rybalka Engineer        

Technician Staff

  Elena P. Ermakova Technician  
  Tatyana G. Krikunova Technician  

Laboratory of innovative methods and means of oceanological research

Scientific Staff

Ph.D. Arseny A. Kubryakov Head of Laboratory,
Principal Scientist
Ph.D. Igor E. Kozlov Senior Scientist  
  Anna A. Aleskerova Junior Scientist
  Alesia V. Medvedeva Junior Scientist    
  Valentina A. Rubakina Junior Scientist    
  Sergey V. Svishchev Junior Scientist
  Ekaterina V. Skiba (Chechina) Junior Scientist
  Vladimir A. Pavlushin Engineer-Researcher        

Applied Physics of the Sea Laboratory

Scientific Staff

Dr. Vladimir A. Dulov Head of Laboratory,
Chief Scientist
Dr. Vladimir N. Kudryavtsev Principal Scientist    
Ph.D. Vladimir V. Malinovsky Senior Scientist
Ph.D. Mariya V. Yurovskaya (Kosnik) Senior Scientist  
Ph.D. Yuriy Yu. Yurovskiy Senior Scientist
Ph.D. Alexander E. Korinenko Scientist  
Ph.D. Andrey F. Rozvadovsky Junior Scientist        

Engineering Staff

  Vladimir E. Smolov Principal Electronics Engineer      

Remote Sensing Department (together with LLC "DVS LTD")
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