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Remote Sensing Department

Head of Department

Sergey Stanichny

Sergey Stanichny

Current position

Head, Remote Sensing Department, Marine Hydrophysical Institute(MHI).

Areas of expertise and skills

Remote Sensing and its applications, Radiation transfer, Satellite Data processing, Oceanography, projects development and management, professional training.


2005-present - Head of Department, MHI NASU, Remote Sensing Department
1994-2005 - Senior Scientist, MHI NASU, Remote Sensing Department
1989-1994 - Scientist, MHI NASU, Remote Sensing Department
1982-1989 - Junior Scientist, MHI NASU, Remote Sensing Department
1980-1982 - Engineer, MHI NASU., Remote Sensing Department


1991 PhD (Physics/Mathematics) Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Sevastopol, U.S.S.R.
1980 MS (Physics) Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, U.S.S.R.


Honorary member of the Ukrainian Space Agency
Honorary collaborator of the Liege University

Main achivements

International projects

Selected scientific results


Full list of publications is available at Google Scholar profile

Selected publications

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